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Central Iowa Payroll is a small business specializing in payroll and bookkeeping services for other small businesses in the Central Iowa area. While we handle your payroll and bookkeeping needs, you have time to focus on working and growing your business. 

Since we specialize in servicing small businesses, you can expect higher quality one-on-one service as compared to a larger payroll service provider. Being a locally owned business you have the advantage of coming into our office instead of just speaking to a faceless voice on the telephone.

Central Iowa Payroll is the product of the dream of Dana (Bishop) Woody, life-long resident of Newton, Iowa and past employee of the Maytag Corporation, Newton Community School District and Pella Plastics.  Taking the expertise gained from 15 years as a Payroll Specialist and Payroll System Support Analyst she is making her dream come true of owning her own business while helping other small business owners.


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